SAT-7 Pars (M5 – 13 February 2017)

SAT-7 Pars “Pars” is a Farsi word referring to Persian culture. Through SAT-7 Pars, Farsi-speaking Christians can share their faith and encourage their fellow believers. The messages are both live-giving and life-saving. For many Christians in Iran that live-in isolation and under persecution, the messages from SAT-7 Pars serve as their “church”.About 60% of Iran’s […]

Resistance (M5 – 30 January 2017)

An unmistakable resistance is emerging in Europe and the USA against migrants and refugees from North Africa, the Middle East and even further afield. The large numbers of Muslim refugees fill people with fear and uneasiness, while others see the desperate need and want to respond. There is some realism attached to the resistance but […]

Leaders (M5 – 23 January 2017)

Leaders In most Muslim majority nations most believers are new generation believers. This doesn’t include for instance nations like Indonesia and Egypt. But it is certainly true for the Arabian Peninsula and nations like Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and also the refugees and migrants in Europe. There is a big need for mature and […]