Health Care (M5 – 23 March 2017)

In places like Iraq, Syria and Yemen, many hospitals and clinics are destroyed. There are 6,6 million internally displaced people in Syria, 3,1 in Iraq and 2,5 in Yemen. Add millions more refugees in neighboring nations. Health care for these people are in some places non-existent and in general totally insufficient. There are some organisations […]

Sudan (M5 – 22 March 2017)

The Republic of Sudan is the third largest country of the African continent. Sudan has a population of 37 million, 70 percent of whom are Arab. Other ethnic groups include the Nubians and the Zaghawa, but there are hundreds of different groups, speaking hundreds of languages or dialects. The official languages of Sudan are Arabic […]

Religion in Egypt (M5 – 9 March 2017)

Religion in Egypt For Egyptians religion is a big thing. A person’s religious belief (Christian or Muslim) is indicated even on their national ID document. Religion is part of the government and is taught at schools. Religious leaders are treated with great respect and honor. Religious feasts are very carefully observed – by both the […]

Malaysia (M5 – 6 March 2017)

Malaysia: religious pressure and Sharia Malaysia still has the reputation as one of the most liberal and tolerant Islamic countries in the world.  How long that will last is unknown.  Thousands of Malaysian Muslims rallied in the capital on February 18th, 2017 to support the adoption of stricter Sharia law, a proposal that religious minorities […]

Gambia (M5 – 2 March 2017)

Gambia The new president of Gambia announced that the country will no longer be called “Islamic republic” Gambia’s new president, Adama Barrow, has announced that the country will no longer officially be called an Islamic republic, reversing the decision made by his predecessor in 2015. There had been encouraging signs that Barrow, a Muslim, who […]